Zen Dojo Leuven​

Member of:

Association Zen Kanshoji

Referent of the Dojo:

Taiun Jean-Pierre Faure
(Abbot of Kanshoji)

Responsable of the Dojo:

Kokun David Belis


  • Monday 20h15 (by registration only)

  • Tuesday 7h

  • Wednesday 20h15

  • Friday 7h

  • Saturday 9h

On Tuesday and Friday, breakfast is provided. On Wednesday evening we drink tea together. On Saturday there is samu (activities in the spirit of zazen), and coffee-tea.



Introductions are being given Saturday morning and Wednesday evening. Please let us know if you would like to attend.
Contribution: 10 euro (reduction: 8 euro).


  • Arrive 30 mins before the start of zazen
  • bring dark, loose fitting clothing and a pair of slippers

Contact us

Zenboeddhistisch Centrum Leuven vzw
Leopold Beosierlaan 57
3010 Kessel-Lo (temporary address)
(vzw nr. 0.836.905.409)
​RPR Leuven


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