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Perfectly balanced and still,

the body weight resting on the knees,
the spine stretched towards the sky,
leaning neither forward nor backward,
we simply erase, at each moment,
all unnecessary tensions, all intentions.

It is through this practice that Shakyamuni became Buddha. Not through Buddhism, it did not exist.
Not through the sutras, they had not yet been written.
In the peaceful posture of awakening,
from silence and stillness,
naturally, unconsciously, we give freedom to all things.
Consciousness opens to infinity.

Giving freedom to our thoughts means remaining still before them.
That is how we are Buddha. Do not doubt this, do not look


Taiun Jean-Pierre Faure

To do zazen quietly in the dojo,
To extinguish all negative thoughts,
this joy is beyond heaven.

The world is after social profit,
the honors, the nice clothes and the comfort,
but the satisfaction of these passing pleasures is not true peace.
You will run and remain unsatisfied until death!

To sit in the dojo and to practice zazen,
focusing with one mind,
that sometimes stands still and at other times moves,
to see with our eyes deep inner wisdom,
to be able to observe and recognize intimately
the true aspect of all action and existence,
to be able to observe the balance,
to understand with a perfectly peaceful mind.​

If you are like this,
your spiritual dimension, the highest in this world,
can’t be compared to any other.

Master Kodo Sawaki

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